Who’s Ken Wheeler?

Ken Wheeler, aka The Angry Photographer, aka Theoria Apophasis, aka Kentucky Ken is a YouTuber. He’s best known for his reviews of cameras and lenses. Even so, a rapidly growing number of his recent videos delve into subjects completely unrelated to photography.

These include magnetism, metaphysics, current events, disaster preparation and Buddhism among others. Although he puts forward his ideas with intense passion, he has no expertise, knowledge, accreditation or qualifications in any of these fields, and it shows.

The Angry Photographer’s advice on camera and lens selection can be relatively innocuous, although it’s usually out-of-date. Even so, YouTube offers many, far better photography channels than his. When he opines on other topics, his ignorance and arrogance are on full display.

The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 5th Edition (DSM 5), lists a condition known as Delusional Disorder, Grandiose Type. The central theme of this condition is, “the conviction of having some great talent or insight or of having made some important discovery.”

The Theoria Apophasis host claims to be the only person in the world to correctly understand magnetism, to have discovered a Grand Unified Theory of the Universe, and to be the world’s foremost authority on the Buddhist doctrine of Anatta (no-self) among other demonstrably false convictions.

Experts have contradicted Kentucky Ken on all of these claims using facts and evidence, but he persists in asserting them. He appears to wholeheartedly believe his peculiar conceits, even though they’re all patently absurd.

This website is intended for YouTube viewers who may feel gaslit by Ken Wheeler’s jargon and dogmatism. Rest assured that you’re not the one who’s mistaken when you question his bizarre notions, his sources or his expertise.

If you click on Things Ken’s Wrong About, you’ll find sound refutations for each of his claims.

“A mysterious facade is not a quality of wisdom.”

Lucy Mallory

A publicly revealed lie is as important for the good of men as a clearly stated truth.”

Leo Tolstoy

Beware of false knowledge. It is more dangerous than ignorance.”

George Bernard Shaw

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

Stephen Hawking

Latest Things Ken’s Wrong About

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