Dare to Know

People who are drawn to Ken Wheeler seem to be searching for meaning. They’re hoping to find that meaning through a better understanding of the universe, living things, our minds and our humanity.

Unfortunately, the Angry Photographer leads people with this passion down the wrong path. Eventually, they’ll have to unlearn everything they’ve been told at Theoria Apophasis.

For those who’ve come to that realization, you’re welcome to join us at Dare to Know. We’re a website for those who find meaning in discoveries about space, life, and humanity. We don’t shout or insult people or try to frighten them to death.

Instead, we explore the latest scientific discoveries in the spirit of unearthing our new story and sharing the wondrous insights unfolding in this remarkable era.

We always have more to learn if we dare to know.

Everyone’s welcome to join us. Even Ken!