Pandemic – Why Ken’s Wrong

The pandemic is a golden opportunity for Ken Wheeler to spread pseudoscientific bafflegab and science denial. Find out how the Angry Photographer has been co-opted by a German Neo-Nazi protest group.

Preparedness – Why Ken’s Wrong

Survivalism seems to be a big preoccupation for Ken Wheeler. Find out about his hoarding and bug out preparation behaviours and the odd attitude that seems to underlie them.

Buddha’s Death – Why Ken’s Wrong

Buddha’s death gives Ken Wheeler the chance to concoct a conspiracy theory. Find out what he imagined out of thin air and why it’s poor history and even worse doctrine.

Buddhist Souls – Why Ken’s Wrong

Buddhist souls seem to oddly preoccupy Ken Wheeler. Find out why his views insult Buddhist doctrine and how we know Ken’s ideas would offend the historical Buddha.

Photography – Why Ken’s Wrong

Photography, at least cameras and lenses, is one topic where Ken Wheeler receives some qualified respect from his YouTube peers. Find out why Ken’s wrong about the art, craft and business of photography.