Feynman – Why Ken’s Wrong

Richard Feynman is a frequent target of Ken Wheeler’s attacks. Find out why the groundbreaking physicist and Nobel laureate’s ideas are so threatening to the Angry Photographer and his pseudoscience.

Energy Unification – Why Ken’s Wrong

‘Energy Unification’ is a document Ken Wheeler has prepared to explain his grand unified theory of energy in the universe. Find out why his latest hypothesis in invalid, unsound and demonstrably false.

Free Will – Why Ken’s Wrong

Free will has been disputed by philosophers since the beginning of civilization. Find out how Ken Wheeler claims to have resolved this timeless puzzle, and why the best choice is to ignore his bizarre arguments.

Extragalactic Jets – Why Ken’s Wrong

Extragalactic jets are a phenomenon on the frontier of science that astronomers can’t fully explain yet. Find out how Ken Wheeler tries to exploit this mystery to propagate his demonstrably false notions of the ether, the dielectric, light and matter.

Matter – Why Ken’s Wrong

Matter consists of protons, neutrons and electrons. Find out why this proven scientific fact distresses Ken Wheeler, leading him to concoct demonstrably false claims about fundamental science.

Virtual Photons – Why Ken’s Wrong

Virtual photons are a regular target of scorn from Ken Wheeler. Find out why experiments demonstrate their existence and why the Angry Photographer feels forced to deny it.

Education – Why Ken’s Wrong

Education triggers a lot of painful emotions for Ken Wheeler. Find out how his own regrettable academic career leads him to the wrong conclusions about public education and home schooling in the United States.

Climate – Why Ken’s Wrong

Climate science is another theme on which Ken Wheeler weighs in from time to time. Find out why his baseless climate denial is something about which we no longer have time to argue.

Artificial Intelligence – Why Ken’s Wrong

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic as our gadgets do more and more of our thinking for us. Find out why Ken Wheeler’s take AI is preposterous speculation that proves nothing but his own lack of computing expertise.