Pandemic – Why Ken’s Wrong

The pandemic is a golden opportunity for Ken Wheeler to spread pseudoscientific bafflegab and science denial. Find out how the Angry Photographer has been co-opted by Neo-Nazi protest groups to spread lies about vaccination and social distancing.

The entire world has been gripped by a pandemic for the past two years. Humanity has endured more than 250 million cases of COVID-19.

Over five million people have died worldwide. This includes more than a million Americans and roughly two thousand Australians. We’ll return to Australia below.

The good news is that health authorities have administered more than 7 billion vaccine doses worldwide. Despite how rapidly the recent Omicron variant is spreading, public health initiatives have cut the mortality rate in half, and hospitalization rates are lower than last year. The long-term trend is headed toward defeating this fatal disease outbreak.

Pandemic Measures Palpably Irritate Ken Wheeler

Pandemic measures such as social distancing, mask mandates and vaccination programs seem to palpably irritate Ken Wheeler. Of course, he’s very cagey about how he goes about attacking these vital public health initiatives.

One of his favourite ploys is to use childish code words to avoid being accused of science denial and getting kicked off of YouTube. Some of his favourites include “cooties”, “medical apartheid”, “face diapers”, “magic juice” and “jab juice.”

The Angry Photographer appears to view all pandemic measures as a plot to rob the public of their liberties. He equates the safety measures being enacted to eradicate the coronavirus with apartheid, second-class citizenship, and even fascism. He refers to public support for vaccination as, “evil, twisted, dark, satanic, degeneracy.”

Recently Contracted COVID-19 Himself

Ironically, the YouTuber behind Theoria Apophasis recently contracted COVID-19 himself. Apparently, he visited a store without wearing a mask and was exposed to the virus by an unmasked, symptomatic friend who was an employee there.

Rather than seeing a competent local doctor, Ken Wheeler sought out a Utah-based physician who was willing to prescribe the unapproved fad drug ivermectin. Here’s how the Food and Drug Administration describes this medication.

“The FDA has not authorized or approved ivermectin for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19 in people or animals. Ivermectin has not been shown to be safe or effective for these indications.”

Recovery Was in Spite of Ivermectin, Not Because of It

A few weeks have passed since the Angry Photographer contracted the coronavirus. Being a high-risk patient, he’s suffered severe symptoms, but the disease ran its course. His recovery was in spite of taking ivermectin, not because of it.

The YouTuber behind Theoria Apophasis rejects conventional treatment, having convinced himself that all governments are evil, without exception. He bases this conclusion on his own pet definition of something he terms “metaphysical materialism.”

The correct definition of materialism is, “a preoccupation with, or stress upon, material rather than intellectual or spiritual things.” Webster’s dictionary defines metaphysics as, “abstract philosophical studiesa study of what is outside objective experience.”

Invented Term “Metaphysical Materialism” is an Oxymoron

So, Ken Wheeler’s term “metaphysical materialism” is an oxymoron – a contradiction in terms. There can’t be a subject called metaphysical materialism because metaphysics by definition doesn’t deal with material things.

The Theoria Apophasis creator uses this illogical term to define those who are obsessed with power over others. There’s already a term for this – megalomania – but the Angry Photographer seems to be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with that word.

Leaving semantics aside, Ken Wheeler insists that all the social distancing guidance we’ve received during the pandemic has come from people with a perverse desire for power over others. It seems inconceivable to him that public health authorities issued the pandemic rules to save lives.

Falsely Asserts that Mask, Vaccine Mandates Violate Rights

The Angry Photographer falsely asserts that mask and vaccine mandates violate our human rights. Of course, he refers to them as “face diaper” and “magic juice” mandates, partly to mock these common sense measures, and partly to avoid his words being noticed by the algorithms at YouTube.

The Theoria Apophasis host calls these guidelines “medical apartheid.” This is patently ludicrous, since wearing a mask and getting vaccinated are choices while race is not.

Now that medical experts recommend a third injection as a booster, Ken Wheeler has irrationally begun to gloat. He seems to perceive an irony since, in his mind, those who’ve had two doses of the vaccine are now second class citizens behind those who’ve had their booster shot.

Scientifically Literate versus Unvaccinated Science Deniers

The Angry Photographer can’t grasp that the fully vaccinated will jump at the chance to get a booster shot as soon as they can. Vaccination will continue to split society into just two groups – the vaccinated, scientifically literate, versus the unvaccinated science deniers, including him.

The Theoria Apophasis creator denies the possibility of eradicating COVID-19. As evidence, he cites the ongoing prevalence of the common cold and the flu.

Ken Wheeler fails to mention more fatal diseases such as Polio, Smallpox, Tetanus, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rubella, Hib, Measles, Pertussis, Pneumococcal Disease, Rotavirus, Chickenpox, Diphtheria and Mumps. All of these scourges have been effectively eradicated by vaccines.

Has His “Head on a Swivel” and Is an “Information Sponge”

The YouTuber behind Theoria Apophasis sees himself as extremely well-informed about current events. He says he has his “head on a swivel” and that he’s “an information sponge.”

The truth is, Ken Wheeler allows the most inaccurate sources imaginable to turn his head. Rather than a sponge, his mind is a leaking cesspool of disinformation.

Pandemic policies in Australia seem to particularly fascinate the Angry Photographer. He’s fallen victim to the neo-Nazi group World Wide Demonstration (WWD), who use social distancing fatigue to foment violent uprisings in many countries, especially Australia.

Gets Australian News from YouTuber Aussie Cossack

The Theoria Apophasis creator gets most of his news about Australia from a YouTuber using the handle Aussie Cossack. His real name is Simeon Boikov.

Born in Sydney and of Russian descent, Boikov is the founder of an Australian neo-Nazi paramilitary group called the Australian Cossacks. As Boikov explains, he started the group because “we have a unique opportunity to support Russia from within an enemy state,” (the enemy state being Australia).

The Australian Cossacks strongly support Vladimir Putin and maintain close ties to the Australia First Party (AFP). For example, Boikov uses their party flag as a backdrop for his videos. AFP is an alt-right fringe party whose policies are racist, anti-immigration and hyper-nationalistic.

Simeon Boikov is Extremely Well-Known to Police

Ken’s friend the Aussie Cosack is under a Firearms Prohibition Order in Australia. He’s extremely well-known to police.

Boikov deliberately stages his pandemic videos to attract attention, and they invariably contain false or misleading statements. Russia – Why Ken’s Wrong provides more background on this peculiar Australian national who seems to have completely co-opted the Angry Photographer.

Suffice it to say that, as always, Kentucky Ken has everything completely ass-backwards on the topic of the pandemic. He’s siding, perhaps unwittingly, with the fascists against the democratic representatives of the people.

Deep-Seated Resentment of Authority

Like all conspiracy theorists, the Angry Photographer displays a deep-seated resentment of authority, which translates into an irrational fear of government. In his words, “99% of global misery right now is from politicians and media doom goblins.”

In the Theoria Apophasis creator’s feverish mind, “There are two kinds of people in this world. There are people who think that the government cares about them, and there are people who think.”

Of course, this perspective results from Ken Wheeler’s apparent Grandiose Delusional Disorder. People with this condition falsely believe that they have some unrecognized genius and/or that they’ve made one or more important discoveries.

People Who Don’t Believe “Are People Who Don’t Think”

So, people who don’t believe what the Angry Photographer believes “are people who don’t think” as viewed through his radically distorted lens. As shown throughout this site, the reverse is true.

This would all be quite harmless were it not for the fact that the Angry Photographer has over 250,000 subscribers. No doubt most of them watch out of fascination with the freak show his bizarre attitudes and behaviour provide, and many of the rest are hate watchers who can’t stand his disdain for the truth and want to keep an eye on him.

Even so, we have to assume that a fair number of these viewers are taken in by Ken Wheeler’s pseudoscience and sophomoric sophistry. That’s not such a huge deal when we’re discussing how Buddha died or what assorted dead Greeks had to say.

Going to Get People Killed, If He Hasn’t Already

In terms of the pandemic, though, it’s downright dangerous. The Theoria Apophasis creator is going to get people killed, if he hasn’t already.

Spreading rumours during a crisis is one of the most reprehensible things a person can do. At best it’s a nuisance and at worst, it’s a lethal threat to society.

It’s essential that people disregard Ken Wheeler when he discusses the pandemic. Lives depend on shutting this liar down.

Ken’s Evidence

Who’s behind Australia’s anti-lockdown protests? 
Worldwide Demonstration
Nobel Prize winning immunologist’s warning to Aussie protestors
World Health Organization
Russians – Why Ken’s Wrong

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